VISTA Bio Fairtrade Espresso Bohne (1000g) $49.00

Enjoy a full-bodied coffee with a good conscience: Tschibo Vista Cafe Creme Bio Fairtrade whole bean is cultivated in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way and fair trade. This is the benefit of all: the farmers on site, the nature and not least of you as a customer of this high-quality quality coffee.

The exquisite aroma of the freshly ground Arabica coffee beans makes an indescribable wave of anticipation soar in you. As soon as the coffee passes your lips, you immediately feel the pleasantly mild, rounded and powerful character of the coffee, which is surrounded by a touch of fruity acidity. After sipping the last sip from the cup, you will be pleased to find that Vista Cafe Creme Bio Fairtrade whole bean also reaches the top quality level in terms of wholesomeness.