About Us


BB&B stands for “Bread, Beer & Brez’n” – making clear that “We Love Bread!”

BB&B is a ‘Kiosk Concept Bakery’, providing an array of premium German and Austrian products for consumption on the spot as well as for ordering and taking home freshly baked bread. Due to the ideal location at Phoenix Park, it is also suitable as a drive by pick up, as there is ample free parking available right in front of the store.

Our product range is a selection of freshly baked bread by Haubi’s of Austria (high end bio products from Austria), offered for direct consumption as snacks and sandwiches or for taking home.

BB&B is pleased to offer you a selection of some of the most popular German and Austrian brands of organic bread, wines, beers, coffee, fruit juices and ice cream in one convenient location. Our selection is great and you can always order ahead, if you want your order to be freshly baked and ready when you come by, just give us 30 minutes to prepare. Your personal fresh baked bread will be awaiting you.

Our Brands:

Breads by Haubis:

When a baker’s family knows how to combine handicraft with the highest quality requirements, then only something special can result from it.

Take a traditionally minded bakery, supplement it by the fine pastry offer of a confectionery and add a good deal of farsightedness and creative enthusiasm. You will then have found the recipe for success which has followed Haubi’s in Austria since 1902. With highest quality organic breads, Haubi’s has been winning new customers all over the world.

Coffees by Tchibo & Eduscho:

Founded in 1949 by Max Herz, Tchibo has been synonymous with freshness and quality in the coffee market for over 65 years. Originally a coffee mail-order firm, it has evolved into an international company and operates in many more business sectors than the traditional selling of coffee. Over the years, Tchibo has systematically expanded its range and distribution paths, ensuring diversity and quality the world over with strong brands like Eduscho and many others.

Juices by Rauch:

Drinking is vital, but Rauch offers more than that: fruity, natural, fresh and pure. Our products – produced from nature’s fruits for human indulgence – stand for freshness and healthy enjoyment. Rauch’s brands are in tune with the tastes of our time, enriched with the best fruits from all over the world, all organic, no sugar added.

German wines by WineCellar Asia:

Wine Cellar Asia specializes in importing top wines from Germany by renowned wineries like Reichsrat von Buhl, Bassermann-Jordan, Christmann, Pflueger, and many others. With top ranking champagne procedure Sekts by the renowned former cellar master of Bollengier, Matthieu Kaufman, now producing prize winning German sparkling wines for Reichsrat von Buhl, we are sure to get your palate excited, especially since most wines are Bio or Demeter certified.

Beers by Veltins and Schneider Weisse:

We supply some of the best beer brands which Germany, known for its great beers, has to offer: Veltins and Schneider Weisse.

With Veltins, we bring in one of the top three German breweries, the only one of which is available on Tap in Singapore. With Veltins Pilsener and Grevensteiner Keller Beer, you have a great choice of top German brewing artistry. Being brewed with purest waters from its own springs in one of the largest German nationally protected water resources. the purity of this beer is exceptional.

With Schneider Weisse, we picked the first and original privately owned German Weissbier Brewery. It is world famous for its wide variety of Weissbier or wheat beer, winning prizes all over. This year it won 1st and 2nd place in Singapore’s Asia Beer Awards.